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Catalytic Converter Buyers at Goldsboro Metal Recycling

Catalytic Converters can be sold at Goldsboro Metal Recycling. We are major buyers at great prices of old converters for recycling. We are not just a scrap yard or a junkyard; we are a Goldsboro Recycling Center in Wayne County, NC. If you have a used catalytic converter for sale, come see us for a great value to recycle and sell them. Note: By law, we can only buy catalytic converters from people that are in the business of replacing, repairing, removing them. We cannot buy them from individuals, even if you have a receipt for a new one. Come to us from Goldsboro, Mt. Olive, LaGrange, Wilson and more.

If you need to recycle a used catalytic converter, we are buyers that pay the top scrap price value. So if you need to find a recycling scrap yard place near me to sell a catalytic converter, come to Goldsboro Metal Recycling.


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Goldsboro Metal Recycling- Sell Catalytic Converters


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TEL: (919) 731-5600
FAX: (919) 731-5616

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