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Gas Saving Tips

Gasoline/Diesel Saving TIPS

Follow all of the below and could save 30%+ ($20+ on every $60)

  1. Keep tires inflated at specified and higher pressure if you do a lot of highway driving and carrying extra weight-multiple people, luggage, etc. Appropriate tire inflation also extends tire life. Check about monthly, when tires are ‘cold’. Use great valve caps
  2. Slow down-Driving at 75 MPH uses 10%+ more fuel than driving at 65 MPH
  3. Accelerate slow, like you have a raw egg under your foot, that you do not want to break
  4. Use Cruise control when possible-allows for smooth acceleration, better on engine also
  5. When start engine, warm it up for only a few seconds, then drive very slow for 1+ minute, for engine warm up - no need to idle for many minutes - remote starter wastes fuel
  6. If manual transmission, ride in the highest gear as practical
  7. If going to idle engine for more than 2 minutes, shut it down. If Diesel, let idle for 2 minutes then shut down (idle cools engine).
  8. Combine short trips-a cold vehicle uses maximum fuel
  9. Get extra weight out of vehicle-Items not used-things in truck, back seat, etc.
  10. Keep car tuned (Plugs, air filter, etc.) and repaired (e.g. faulty oxygen sensor can
    hurt mileage as much as 40%).
  11. If possible, go slow when approaching red lights. Do not rush up, hit brake and then sit at red light
  12. When using A/C, once vehicle is cool, put A/C on recirculation
  13. Use Octane gas specified. Using higher grades than specified does not improve performance-note-this is a money, not gas saving idea
  14. Keep vehicle exterior clean-improves aerodynamics
  15. If have removable roof rack, remove it to improve aerodynamics
  16. Use recommended engine oil. If vehicle designed for 5W-30, do not use 10W-30.


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